This week we’re happy to announce the release of QuickQuote version 4.0.9! This version takes aim at a few long-standing issues that have come up in our communications with our customers over the past several months, starting with how QuickQuote handles autogenerating Slab IDs when you create slabs out of a batch.

Previously if you added a batch, it would ask you to automatically create the corresponding slabs for inventory and then assign those new slabs randomly generated IDs.  That can make it a little difficult to identify them later, so now you’ll be presented with the option to simultaneously set and use an SKU number for them or use a random text string of your choice.  The software will automatically add a “-##” to the ID to keep it unique.

The batch slab creator in QuickQuote featuring the option to set your slab IDs

Another problem solved with 4.0.9 is how the quote numbers are created. Normally the quote number automatically increments up from 0, which can be a problem if you already have lots of existing quotes from other systems.

With the 4.0.9 update, you can go into your Edit Company Information utility and set the next number you want to use, which means you can have them start at whatever number you like.  If you’ve already been doing quotes, that’s fine too, just set the new number and it will jump up to that one when you save your next quote and continue to update from there.

The updated Company Information utility with the next quote number setting

Lastly, we’ve added the option to automatically shrink imported images that were previously too large to set as a slab image.  Be aware you can lose some quality doing that though, so if you prefer to scale it down yourself, you can always go back to that instead.

So head on over to your updates page to login and download version 4.0.9!