As of September 20th, QuickBooks Online will no longer accept data transfers from software using older security protocols.  Therefore we have created a new incremental update for QuickQuote that will switch it over to the newest protocols in order to ensure it will still be able to transfer to QuickBooks Online.

This update brings QuickQuote up to version 4.0.7, and it is now available for download for all customers with an updates subscription.  So if you have an existing updates subscription, make sure to log in to the updates portal and download the update to version 4.0.7 prior to September 20th in order to avoid any hiccups.

Since this is a critical update to preserve an existing QuickQuote feature, we will be providing patches to older versions of QuickQuote where possible at no additional charge for customers without subscriptions.

If you are a QuickBooks Online transfer user without an updates subscription or whose subscription expired, please contact us before September 20th so that we can get your software patched up.  Or if you prefer to get the latest and greatest QuickQuote features and improvements along with your QuickBooks Online fix, feel free to purchase an updates subscription to download the 4.0.7 update.

Remember if you do not update QuickQuote prior to September 20th, you will lose the ability to transfer to QuickBooks Online.

Please note:  this only impacts QuickBooks Online users. If you use QuickBooks for your desktop, you should be able to keep using QuickQuote without making any changes.

That’s all for now. As always feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions!