Hello there!

My name is Chris, and it was a little over a decade ago as of this post that I wrote the very first lines of code for what would eventually become the QuickQuote countertop software you see today.  I was just a college kid who had only taken a couple programming courses, but I was given a problem to solve so that’s what I set out to do.

See my father was a countertop fabricator who found his time being stretched thinner and thinner as his small business grew.  At the time, he was using a combination of an Excel spreadsheet, a physical pricing book, and an ancient DOS-based software to handle his quoting and order entry. It was a system prone to errors, and it required he spend lots of his time monitoring the work his customer service reps did to ensure they quoted things properly and completely.  He needed something that would be simple enough that his employees could crank out quotes without him looking over their shoulders all day.

So, since I had grown up with a much greater affinity for the computers in his office than the tools in his shop, it was then that, for the first time ever, he asked me to build something for him rather than the other way around.

That first version of QuickQuote was little more than a glorified calculator, but it had the advantage of putting all the information in one place and creating a clear, concise routine for his employees that eliminated a lot of the stupid mistakes that were creating problems and costing money.  Plus, it produced professional looking quotes that made his customers and competitors start asking what he was using and where they could get it.  That’s when we decided to see what other fabricators thought by taking the software to what was then the Solid Surface International Expo in Las Vegas.

Turned out, the fabricators we met there liked it too.  Next thing I knew, I was the owner of my own small business.

Since that time QuickQuote has grown by leaps and bounds. The glorified calculator of old now has tons of different pricing methods and options to adapt its calculations to fit just about any business and material.  The automated drawing that wowed people at our first solid surface convention became more detailed, more flexible, faster, and simpler to use.  There are scheduling and slab inventory features now too, helping to keep information flowing to the right people, and you can even lay out your slabs right in the software.

It has certainly been quite the journey from there to here, and who knows what the next ten years might bring. One thing is for certain though, we’ll continue to work to make QuickQuote the best solution we can for our customers.  After all, our oldest customer is still the one I call “dad.”